The Electric Poultry Netting!

I bought this netting….mainly because when I grow up I wanna be just like the Rhodes family. Hahaha! 🙂

But the other reason is so I can put the chickens to work in the garden. We built the chick-shaw and you can see that process here (Chick-Shaw Post). It is sitting over in the garden area. All we needed to do was to get the fence up and running and add the chickens!

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Drum roll please……We have a brand-spanking new CHICKSHAW!!!!

So we got the chickshaw finished over the past few days. It is currently sitting in our barn while the sealer dries where we applied it yesterday. I am hopeful that we can get the electric poultry fence put up and the chickshaw in the garden today!

We followed Justin Rhodes’ plans to the letter and this is how it turned out. I’m going to give a rundown on how well we did.

First thing we had to do is make all of the cuts according to the cut list. We did find a couple cuts were missing once we started through the actual instructions. We ended up needing another 2×4 for 2 additional 2x2s that were missing but all in all it was spot on. We made the cuts and labeled each board as we went so we would know which board went where when we came to it in the instructions.

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Chicken Coop Upgrade On The Way!

Woohoo! We finally purchased all the supplies to build our own chickshaw! (Insert happy dance here!) We are following Justin Rhodes’ plans to build it and we are taking pictures as we put it together. My hubby got all the pieces cut according to the cut list yesterday and we are planning on assembling it next week! I am so excited to get the chickens over in the garden so they can GET TO WORK!

I also have a coworker that has a horse farm with LOADS of horse manure and he has graciously told me that we can have all we can haul! Needless to say, we found someone that has a small dump truck and we are going to fill that sucker up and dump it all on the garden as well!

Now the chickens will have plenty to do over the winter while they are getting my garden nice and ready for Spring planting! Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!!! 🙂

Now what?

So we have the cow now! Introducing…..”the cow”. 🙂

My daughter insists that her name is Buttercup. I’m not really into naming cows….makes them too “pet like” in my opinion. Hahaha!

Now I am asking myself….we have the cow…..NOW WHAT?!

So I picked up a copy of Joel Salatin’s book Salad Bar Beef. I love the other two books I have read from him…. Pastured Poultry Profits and You Can Farm! I borrowed them from the library and read them and read them. I probably should have put them on my Christmas List this year for Santa to get me but I didn’t. There is always next year!

So I haven’t gotten very far in the book but I do know some of his principals that he covers regarding cattle like rotational grazing and a grain free diet. I want to start incorporating those same principals into our cattle operation as I research and learn about each principal. I really want to make this the healthiest beef possible while still keeping the pasture healthy as well.

For now she is happily grazing in our back field and we go back there every day to give her a couple scoops of a sweet mix that our neighbor recommended. He said it will help her get accustomed to us being “her people”.

As we continue on in this endeavor, I will be sure to give updates on what we are learning for our future herd. 🙂 We should be +1 come this spring when “the cow” has her calf! That should be a new experience as well!

So What are your thoughts on raising cows? or do you raise them now and have some advice for the Now What? question???


It’s Coming Together!

I am so excited!!!!

Ya’ll, I’m getting a heifer! And she is going to have a baby in June! Say What?!!??! What in the world am I gonna do with a heifer and a baby? 🙂

Right now my hubby is in the process of getting the fencing in place for her to go in our back fields. She will have plenty to eat back there for sure. Now I’m off to research the care of a cow. (I didn’t think I would be saying that for a long time!)

More to come on this awesome development as we bring this rundown farm back to life!

Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls


Oh my gosh ya’ll!!! These are the bomb dot com!

I have decided I need to start making these on a monthly basis. Remember how I said I wanted to start moving my family toward more real, healthy food living? Yeah……this isn’t it. This is more of a yummy melt in your mouth splurge for special occasions. Howbeit, I DO know all the ingredients that I put in them so that is a plus as compared to anything you can buy ready made! Score for me! The recipe for the cinnamon rolls comes from a blog I have been reading for years now-Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. I didn’t realize until later that her recipe had a cream cheese frosting recipe at the bottom so I had already rummaged through my recipe binder that I made up years ago and found a luicious one! Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the actual recipe as I don’t know exactly where it came from.

So….you wanna see how to make them yourself???

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